My Horse Obsession

Well, even though it’s a lt longer than “tomorrow”, I will tell you the tale of my horse obsession. Ahem.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl whom we shall call Young Pen. Young Pen was a girl obsessed. Obessed about horses. She dreamed about them, day and night… riding them, feeding them, picking up their poo… okay, not the last part. She would gladly have picked up a ton of horse poo if she had her own, but alas, she did not, and so the only time she mucked stalls was at a horse day-camp. But that is another story…
              Young Pen collecred pictures and books about horses and taped them to her door, filled her shelves with them. She had plastic horses, ceramic horses, a horse rug, horse coat-hanger thingies, horse everything. Horses, horses, horses. Oh! the smell of them! The freedom of riding one! 
              But Young Pen lived in the city, so owning a horse was out of the question, though in many a story did she write herself one. Ah, youth. But since she could not have a real horse, she wanted a real horse room.
            She already had so many horse things! There would be hardly anything else needed. But then some other ideas began to come to our young heroine, and they were all about what a new room would be like. Maybe, instead of horses, she could have a jungle! Or a forest! Or Venice! Or… wait a minute! Her most favorite thing sicne she was a very yloung child: Peter Pan!
            But her mother shook her head. “You’ll get older, you know, and what if you don’t like Peter Pan anymore? But horses could still be mature so when you’re older you won’t have to redo your room again.”
          Young Pen sighed, knowing that nothing could ever make her stop liking Peter Pan, Neverland, and all that came with it. But she agreed not to have a Peter Pan room, and to have a horse room instead.
         But the room change came slowly, and soon it became clear that Young Pen was tiring of horses. So her room reamined yellow, and instead she got new bookshelves/desk, and a new bedspread.
          Now, let us fast forward to the future….
         Ah! It was good that our dear Pen did not get a horse room, for now, though she still loves them, she is no longer obsessed. She does not even long to have her own so much anymore. Perhaps one day, but a sailbat would be better.
          But oh! What room does she still want, what thing does she still hold dear and dream about? Why, it is Peter Pan! Neverland! Flying away with a boy who never ages, and fairies, and Indians…. ah, youth.

There is a moral to this story….



That’s how it happened. But luckily I really like my room right now. It has a window seat now, that I love, and it has managed to incorporate all my favorite things such as Venice, the color yellow, Peter Pan, Saint George, books, etc. :D